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And the results are in....
2013.04.10 16:03:13

Our French immersion week is over.

What a week!

What a success!

The boys spent something like 40 hours in a French-only environment, with one hour of French semi-private lessons in the evening.  It was perfect.  James as predicted jumped right in and made friends right away, conversing in French maybe not perfectly but without hesitation.  Scott by his own account got away with saying "d'accord" to everybody and everything but seemed happy enough.

Definitely got to do this again.

Oh, and did I mention the skiing was perfect?

The one downside is the 8 pounds I put on with all the croissants and cheese.  Oops!



2013.04.19 09:41:10

My father was visiting this week with his French wife, and she kindly agreed to speak French with the boys. For the first time ever, they easily slipped into chatting with her in French! She was amazed.
What a difference a week makes!