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How to cheat at creative writing
2014.07.03 18:59:31


Scott came home today both proud and sheepish.

"So, Mom, is it cheating if..."  He paused.


"Well..." He started slowly.  "You know how it was Big Write today at school?"

"Yes, and?" I waited.

"You know how I was supposed to do think about it last night and decide what to write about?"

"Yes, and?" I waited.

"Well, I forgot to do that."

"Yes, and?" I waited.

"Well, you know the French story that we listened to on the way to school?"

"Yes, and?" I waited some more.

"Well, I wrote that down instead."

"Oh." I said, thinking that perhaps I should say it was cheating, but feeling instead rather proud instead.

"I did use my own words, so it's not cheating, is it?"


"Yes, and....?" He said, waiting.





Tags: foreign language books | translation | creative writing.